Bookshelf Organization Talk!

I recently reorganized my bookshelves in multiple different ways. By author, color, height or alphabetical book title order. But they’ve always end up displeasing me after a few weeks, so I end up rearranging them. I waste a lot of time and energy on this activity, and I just want to find a satisfying way to display my books.

Another issue I have with my bookshelf is that the shelves go extremely deep; I can fit two layers of books in my bookshelf, and I guess that’s good because I can fit more books into my bookshelf, but I want to easily be able to identify which book is where. I have to rummage through many layers of books before I can find the book that I’m looking for, and that causes a mess. I would also like to display all my books, so I can see them whenever.

The bookshelves that I want are from IKEA, and they’re the Billy bookshelf. It’s the same bookshelf Abookutopia on YouTube, or Sasha Alsberg, has currently.

Any tips?

*Note, the bookshelf in the photograph is Sasha’s Alsberg (abookutopia)’s. Not mine.


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