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Cassandra Clare Twitter Troubles

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Recently, many friends have told me that Cassandra Clare, a bestselling and absolutely legendary author, blocked them on the social media platform that is Twitter. I checked out the tweets that they tagged her in, and they seemed kind and harmless. They were all positive and really sweet, so I was a little puzzled about the situation. A few months later, I decided to tweet Ms. Clare about a #clace chapter in my book, and I got blocked too. I went on her Tumblr and found out that it’s just an issue with her account on Twitter. If anybody else has the same experience as me, who didn’t do anything negative towards her account or her, just know that you’re not the only one. It wasn’t anything personal, I hope. 🙂

Personally, my heart broke when I found out that she had blocked me on Twitter. I was absolutely devastated.

To see the full post she did about her Twitter malfunction, click HERE.


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