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R.I.P It or Ship It Tag

If you don’t know what it is, the R.I.P It or Ship It tag, is basically where you put the names of eight boys and eight girls into a bowl, and you draw names two at a time, and see if you would ship those two people together as in a relationship, or, well … rest in peace.

There are no spoilers included.

Round #1
Hermione Granger & Percy Jackson
Where? Harry Potter series // Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

I would ship Hermione and Percy because Hermione has traits similar to Annabeth’s. She’s smart and funny, and knows when to kick butt if she has to. Percy is similar to Ron in ways too. I feel like it would be a good series, watching their relationship develop, revealing secrets have the wizarding world or the Greek gods.


Round #2
Draco Malfoy & Katniss Everdeen
Where? Harry Potter series // Hunger Games trilogy
Status: REST IN PEACE …  😦

I would definitely NOT ship Draco and Katniss, because Draco wants something fun, a fling perhaps, a mere flirt. Katniss wants someone she can depend on and someone she can sympathize with, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Someone to put up with her sometimes unintentional grouchy personality. Draco is not the person to do that.


Round #3
Jace Wayland & Tris Prior
Where? The Mortal Instruments series // Divergent trilogy
Status: THE SHIP HAS SAILED … i think idk

YASSSS. I can see Tris grinning softly at Jace’s spontaneous jokes, I can see her in his arms, sleeping. I can visualize everything right now. The idea of their relationship is alive in my mind. I honestly can see both of them walking down the street in slow motion wearing matching leather jackets. CUTE OR WHAT


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